Industrial Laser Marking & Engraving Machines

The latest industrial-grade MOPA fiber laser marking and engraving technology provides reliable performance, fast cycle times, and outstanding flexibility to fit any manufacturing environment – from standalone workstations to inline integration.

Our laser markers are available with 20 to 100-watt laser sources to support precise, repeatable, high-contrast, non-contact marking of metals, alloys, and most plastics and polymers. Every system includes feature-rich Windows software that makes barcode generation, serialization, and other advanced functions a breeze.

Contact us to discuss your application with one of our experts. We’ll work with you to ensure you get the smartest possible solution for your applications, regulations, team and goals.

Choose Your Solution:

OEM fiber laser marker for integration

OEM Components for integration

  • Laser marking head and controller designed for easy integration into robotic cells, production lines, and other highly engineered solutions
Open-style fiber laser engraving workstation

Open-Style Workstations – Class 4 Laser

  • Lower cost without a cabinet
  • Versatile – no limit to size of parts, not encumbered by cabinet
  • Faster overall cycle time with no door to open and close
  • Full 360-degree access – easily view part being marked
  • Smaller footprint
Laser marking class 1 safety cabinets

Safety Cabinet Workstations – Class 1 Laser

  • OSHA regulation compliance
  • Operator safe with Class 1 rating
  • Interlocked door for safety
  • Safe for use in busy areas
  • Laser-safe viewing windows
Laser marked and laser engraved sample parts