Tough industrial environments require a rugged marker that’s easy to operate. This fully cordless workhorse leverages the latest dot peen technology for maximum portability and reliability, with battery power and software for your phone, tablet, or laptop. Mark large tubes, frames, and profiles directly at the workpiece, or mount it for precise marking of smaller parts.

Starting at $6,490.00

Industrial-grade, portable marker

Robust Metal Housing

Built to withstand everyday abuse with a steel housing and industrial-grade components.

Industry-Leading Performance

Capable of deep marking of metals up to 62 HRC, with adjustable depth.

Wireless Control

Forget bulky controllers and complicated software. Run your marker directly from a phone, tablet, or laptop with an intuitive user interface that will have your team up and running in minutes.

High-Performance Li-ion Battery

High-capacity rechargeable battery for more than 3 hours of continuous operation. Keep a spare on hand for quick swap-out.

Comfortable Ergonomics

Lightweight, balanced design featuring a non-slip grip handle with multifunction trigger (on/off and start/stop).

Quick-Adjust Front Support Legs

Adjustable, removable legs to access tight spots and mark curved surfaces. Non-slip flat front mask included.

Integrated Point-of-Use LED Lighting

Ensure accurate mark placement while working in dark or difficult-to-reach areas.

Portable, industrial-grade marking machine

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DataMobil™ puts the marking functions you need to support day-to-day operations right at your fingertips. Pair your marker to a phone, tablet, or PC and start marking text, logos, and 2D codes in minutes via an intuitive, icon-driven interface.

  • Available for Android™/iOS touchscreen devices and Windows PCs. Easy wireless connectivity to your marker.
  • Quickly generate 2D data matrix and QR codes.
  • Import logos and images (.PLT files).
  • Multiple marking fonts available – basic (fastflan), dot matrix, and more.
  • Automatic marking of serial/VIN numbers, dates, time, and shift codes.
  • Supports barcode scanning for automatic data entry.
  • Save and re-use your layouts, with unlimited file storage on your
    control device.
  • Mobile Series brochure and technical specifications (PDF)
  • Manual?
  • Drawings?
  • DataMobil™ software: Download for Windows PC
  • DataMobil™ software: Download for Android devices on Google Play
  • DataMobil™ software: Download for iOS devices on the App Store
Adjustable Column & Base
Mount your portable unit for precise benchtop mounting. Great for small parts and data plates. Provides 15.75” (400mm) of spindle travel.
Dimensions: 11.2” W x 25” H x 12.8” D
Nameplate Marking Fixture
Mounting plate for accurate marking of metal tags, data plates, name plates, etc. Securely attaches to column and base or benchtop unit.
Max. Plate Size: 6.4” x 5.1”
Tablet, Case & Screen Cover
Industrial-grade tablet pre-installed with DataMobil touchscreen marking software. Includes protective case and screen cover.

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